Tips For Choosing The Best Pair Of Earrings According To Your Face Shape

Jewelleryis meant to enhance your look and appearance. No matter, if you’re an old lady, young one or a child, jewellery enhances our beauty. Don’t they? But there are few things that need to be taken care of in order to get the perfect benefit of wearing jewellery such as you must wear jewellery according to your face structure i.e. face type.

Also when you buy jewellery, you must take care of your skin tone as these things play a vital role in providing you the complete benefit of wearing jewellery. Ears are the most center attraction of your face. It makes you look more beautiful. So why not just talk about the earrings first. Talking about the variety then there are a huge variety of earrings available in the market. But as said earlier, few things must be taken care of for buying the best pair of earrings. What are those things? Let’s find out.

As we all know there are, many face types are seen in women such as diamond face cut, round face cut, square face cut and heart face cut. The selection of earring must be made on the basis of these faces. Go through the points which are mandatory to know, if you have any of these faces.

Round Face:

Round faces are the most common face type found in women. If you are someone who has a round face, then you must go for the dangle earring and long drop earring. This type of earrings help to make your round face look slimmer and gives a good shape to your face. Whereas if you choose the large button studs or hoops type of earring then it will make your face look even bigger so avoid them.


Square Face:

Women who have square face type, they must choose medium to long earring as it helps to enhance your jawlines. This type of earrings makes you look smart and elegant. Square face type looks stunning, so you do not need to worry about the earring for any outfit that you choose.

Heart Shaped Face:

Unlike round face types, heart shaped face is quite rare. There are less number of women who have heart shaped face cut. If you are one of them, you must choose earrings that can balance the sharp chin. For that purpose, the tear drop earring would do the magic to outfits. Earrings that are wider at the bottom look stunning on the women who have heart shaped face.

Oval Shaped Face:

Women who have oval-shaped face can choose anything they want. Yes, you heard it right. Oval shaped face is an appropriate face structure and women having this face type can rock any type of earring. So yeah no limitations for you. Go buy anything you like:)


Earrings are easily affordable jewellery. It looks amazing and very trendy. There are many earrings available in the market but keep your face type in mind before buying any of them.

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