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The Art Of Accessorizing

Most of the people say getting dressed and looking good is a piece of cake, but only we, women know that getting dressed up should also be included as an art. The art of decorating yourself, the art of matching things and look fabulous. This art is called an art of accessorizing. If you know the art of accessorizing then you can look wonderful, every time you step out of your house. So today’s topic is the same. The art of accessorizing.


As far as accessories are concerned, then these can be a maker as well as a breaker. Yes. There are many women who wear wrong accessories and lose that charm of their personality. Whereas there are some women too, who know, exactly how to use a correct accessory to make you look fabulous. Talking about the fashion accessories then there are many accessories such as bangles, earrings, bracelets, scarfs, handbags, hats, caps, belts, eyeglasses, sunglasses, socks, nail art, hair clips, necklaces, choker that are available on online sites as well as market with wide range of variety. Not only on women but accessories can magically change an ordinary outfit of men as well. A correct selection of accessory can instantly charm up one’s personality.

Why Do We Use Accessories –

  • Various types of accessories can be used for grabbing the attention of other people towards you.
  • Accessories make you look trendy, comfortable, classy and what not?
  • Accessories make you look way younger than your actual age. If you wear fitted clothes with perfect accessories, then that ordinary top jeans or pant shirt can look superbly awesome.
  • Unlike clothes, most of the accessories cost very less amount of money,so¬† there is literally no limitation on buying something. You can update your accessories wardrobe time to time without worrying about the much amount of penny.

Some Amazing Tips Related To Accessorizing

Try buying the accessories according to your skin tone. For example: if your skin tone is tanned one then avoid wearing silver or diamond jewelry with it, rather try to include gold accessories in your closet more as these look perfectly awesome on tanned skin.

Selection of accessories must be made by keeping the body scale in mind. Body scale includes your height, weight and body structure. So if you’re a small scale, then you can buy small to medium sized accessories whereas if you’re a medium scale, then you can go for any size as every size would look good on you.

Medium to large sized accessories looks fabulous on the people having large scale body type.

As far as the shoe selection is concerned, there are few tips that you must have a look on
If your calves and ankles are small, then you must buy shoes that have smaller heels and thinner soles whereas if you have large calves and ankles, then you must buy shoes that have more substantial heels and soles.