The Art Of Accessorizing

Most of the people say getting dressed and looking good is a piece of cake, but only we, women know that getting dressed up should also be included as an art. The art of decorating yourself, the art of matching things and look fabulous. This art is called an art of accessorizing. If you know the art of accessorizing then you can look wonderful, every time you step out of your house. So today’s topic is the same. The art of accessorizing.


As far as accessories are concerned, then these can be a maker as well as a breaker. Yes. There are many women who wear wrong accessories and lose that charm of their personality. Whereas there are some women too, who know, exactly how to use a correct accessory to make you look fabulous. Talking about the fashion accessories then there are many accessories such as bangles, earrings, bracelets, scarfs, handbags, hats, caps, belts, eyeglasses, sunglasses, socks, nail art, hair clips, necklaces, choker that are available on online sites as well as market with wide range of variety. Not only on women but accessories can magically change an ordinary outfit of men as well. A correct selection of accessory can instantly charm up one’s personality.

Why Do We Use Accessories –

  • Various types of accessories can be used for grabbing the attention of other people towards you.
  • Accessories make you look trendy, comfortable, classy and what not?
  • Accessories make you look way younger than your actual age. If you wear fitted clothes with perfect accessories, then that ordinary top jeans or pant shirt can look superbly awesome.
  • Unlike clothes, most of the accessories cost very less amount of money,so  there is literally no limitation on buying something. You can update your accessories wardrobe time to time without worrying about the much amount of penny.

Some Amazing Tips Related To Accessorizing

Try buying the accessories according to your skin tone. For example: if your skin tone is tanned one then avoid wearing silver or diamond jewelry with it, rather try to include gold accessories in your closet more as these look perfectly awesome on tanned skin.

Selection of accessories must be made by keeping the body scale in mind. Body scale includes your height, weight and body structure. So if you’re a small scale, then you can buy small to medium sized accessories whereas if you’re a medium scale, then you can go for any size as every size would look good on you.

Medium to large sized accessories looks fabulous on the people having large scale body type.

As far as the shoe selection is concerned, there are few tips that you must have a look on
If your calves and ankles are small, then you must buy shoes that have smaller heels and thinner soles whereas if you have large calves and ankles, then you must buy shoes that have more substantial heels and soles.

The Importance Of The Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories play a major role in enhancing the image of a person. By wearing a fashionable dress or by changing your look, you can’t keep pace with the latest trends of the fashion but wear fashion accessories helps you too. To have a stylish look, the fashion accessories should match up with the dress and the latest trends of fashion. In today’s world, fashion is not just limited to clothing; it ends up with a number of items such as shoes, hats, belts, scarves, jewellery, sunglaasses, eyeglasses and much more. The style is not just limited to a particular age, but anyone can accessorize themselves. You can find different types of products for styling and choose amongst them as per your preference. In order to create your own style, you would always need to buy the latest products or accessories available in the market. There are different things that related to the fashion accessories too with a great variety available in the market.

How Jewellery Enhance Your Look

One of the most liked fashion accessories isjewellery. Nowadays, different kinds of jewellery are available in the market to be it either for men or women. For all age groups, jewellery is available in various material, styles and designs. Plastic or glass jewellery is especially available for the kids. These types of jewellery are not that costly and also even if you lose it, it won’t affect your financial condition. Colorful Jewellery is also available for the kids. You can also go for junk Jewellery as it looks great with the proper dress. Women generally prefer platinum pendants, gold rings, earrings and necklaces, diamond rings and so on. Jewellery with precious stones is preferred for every special occasion. Costume jewellery also plays a major role in latest fashion trends. Mostly, large rings or pendants either with across or some symbols on them are preferred by men. Silver chains are also in trend nowadays.

Scarves Are Your Friend

Other than this many other fashion accessories are great in demand such as scarves, belt, and sunglasses. Scarves are not just a piece of cloth, but it is your style maker. It vibrant any ordinary look and adds a spark to you dull personality. When it comes to using a scarf, you don’t have to choose any particular type of scarf to look good, but all type of accessories look really amazing. Their variety is huge, you can find any color you want, no matter what fabric you want, it is available on the market. Also, the price is too reasonable. You can buy many scarves that too in very less amount of money.

Sunglasses Make You Look Stylish

Not only just scarves but sunglasses and eyeglasses are also the hottest trend of this season. Sunglasses not only just protect your eyes from being affected by sun’s harmful rays but also keep you look stylish. There are many frames available in the market. You can definitely have any of them according to your style and face type. So when it comes to fashion accessories, you have a ton of options.

Tips For Choosing The Best Pair Of Earrings According To Your Face Shape

Jewelleryis meant to enhance your look and appearance. No matter, if you’re an old lady, young one or a child, jewellery enhances our beauty. Don’t they? But there are few things that need to be taken care of in order to get the perfect benefit of wearing jewellery such as you must wear jewellery according to your face structure i.e. face type.

Also when you buy jewellery, you must take care of your skin tone as these things play a vital role in providing you the complete benefit of wearing jewellery. Ears are the most center attraction of your face. It makes you look more beautiful. So why not just talk about the earrings first. Talking about the variety then there are a huge variety of earrings available in the market. But as said earlier, few things must be taken care of for buying the best pair of earrings. What are those things? Let’s find out.

As we all know there are, many face types are seen in women such as diamond face cut, round face cut, square face cut and heart face cut. The selection of earring must be made on the basis of these faces. Go through the points which are mandatory to know, if you have any of these faces.

Round Face:

Round faces are the most common face type found in women. If you are someone who has a round face, then you must go for the dangle earring and long drop earring. This type of earrings help to make your round face look slimmer and gives a good shape to your face. Whereas if you choose the large button studs or hoops type of earring then it will make your face look even bigger so avoid them.


Square Face:

Women who have square face type, they must choose medium to long earring as it helps to enhance your jawlines. This type of earrings makes you look smart and elegant. Square face type looks stunning, so you do not need to worry about the earring for any outfit that you choose.

Heart Shaped Face:

Unlike round face types, heart shaped face is quite rare. There are less number of women who have heart shaped face cut. If you are one of them, you must choose earrings that can balance the sharp chin. For that purpose, the tear drop earring would do the magic to outfits. Earrings that are wider at the bottom look stunning on the women who have heart shaped face.

Oval Shaped Face:

Women who have oval-shaped face can choose anything they want. Yes, you heard it right. Oval shaped face is an appropriate face structure and women having this face type can rock any type of earring. So yeah no limitations for you. Go buy anything you like:)


Earrings are easily affordable jewellery. It looks amazing and very trendy. There are many earrings available in the market but keep your face type in mind before buying any of them.

Why You Should Buy Fashion Jewellery Online

As we all know who e-commerce websites are becoming everyone’s first choice for buying clothes, shoes, jewellery, food, furniture and what not. You just name it, and you can get it being home. There are many well-known online stores that provide best quality products that too at reasonable prices such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, Amazon and many others. The competition between these all is huge. That is why to be in the market; these websites provide the best to their customers so that they don’t lose any.

Well, as it comes to the fashion jewellery then jewellery are one of the most popular things among women, girls. No matter what the function is, you just can’t go out without adding this to your outfit. Traditional as well as the casual outfit also require a good pair of jewellery.  Before talking about why you should buy fashion jewellery online, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t buy them from the market.

Buying fashion jewellery from the market is time-consuming. You have to take time, avoid your other work and then have to go to the market to buy them, whereas if you buy them from an online store, then it saves a hell lot of time. You see, you don’t have to visit any place. With just a help of good internet connection, you’re good to rule the world. Now there are many websites that have made the online shopping so convenient that everybody loves it. You get your product at your home. If you don’t like it or find any fault with it, then you can replace or exchange it. Isn’t it amazing?


Save Time, Buy Smart.

Also, when you shop online, you don’t have to visit thestore to store and wait for your turn. Most of the stores are filled with customers and many times, you don’t get any person who can provide service to you, but at online websites, there is nothing like a crowd. You just go to the website, login, see the products, see some other products, get offers on them, add to your cart, fill the details and voila, product in on your doorsteps. See how easy it is J

Variety Is All That We Want.

Variety is what all of us look for when it comes to shopping. No matter, if we are buying jewellery or clothing, we want the shopkeeper to show us the variety, but in markets, you have to visit many stores to get some varieties of clothes and jewellery but at online websites, you get millions of new products that too with many eye-catching offers.

Price Plays The Lead Role Here.

Unlike markets, online websites come with some offers which lessen the price of products. At many stores, in order to make some more money, shopkeepers increase the price of the jewellery, but at an online website, prices are already lesser than the market price. Additionally, they offer you the coupon code system too, which again helps in decreasing the price of that product.